Youth and Social Sites

After quite a bit of thinking I have come to the realization that social networking sites have actually changed the mind-set of the youth.Have you ever noticed that when young people hangout they are more interested in the taking photos, and updating the virtual world rather than enjoy the event that they attend? I believe that the mind sets are one in which they update the sites to seek approval from friends. They look forward to the likes and comments on their photos. These sites in my opinion gives a sense of ‘being somebody’.

Another aspect of how their mind-set has changed is by their lack for privacy. Young people often use social sites to update their status, and whereabouts. With their updates they often tell people what they are thinking or what their next move will be. Is this really a good thing?

I would like to say that I am not “bashing” the sites or the youth but I would just like to say that these social sites can be used in a more productive way than they are being used right now. For example we can use the sites to promote our career, share our views, and waste less time. Let’s use the social networking sites more productively, to our benefit.


2 thoughts on “Youth and Social Sites

  1. Wendy,
    I think the point you made about today’s youth exposing their privacy on the internet is a growing issue. Everyday, Facebook users and Twitter fans update their social media accounts with pictures of where they’ve been and check-in, letting the whole cyber universe know their exact locations. Not only does this make it easier for people to track and find them, but it also exposes their empty homes and makes their belongings vulnerable. Youth don’t realize that they are putting themselves in danger by doing this but it is definitely an issue that needs to be exposed and prevented. Great blog post.

  2. You made valid some valid points here. After reading your blog, I noticed the act of taking pictures to update the social media more often. I believe that the youth, like you said, are too worried with getting likes, and in essence, fitting in with the cool kids. Prior to this class, I was one of these individuals. With this class, I have learned how to be productive with social media. I believe a part of the problem, was that I had Facebook before, and this class works with Twitter. I believe that Twitter is better to network and gain information, where as Facebook is more-so friends.

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