Internet Evaluation

How dependable is the information that is available on the internet? Is the internet taking over our social lives? This week in our Internet and Society class, we did and evaluation of the internet. Some agree that the internet has caused persons to be less sociable. However, the internet has now made it much easier to connect with people around the world. There is also the possibility of making new friends in other countries. This can also be a downside because connecting with a criminal can be a possibility.

Is there a possibility of an increase in fraud as a result of the internet? I believe that there is a vast increase of fraud since the internet was introduced. Any information on the internet can be viewed by other people. One has to be extremely careful with the information that they put on the internet.

The internet has its advantages and disadvantages. Like anything else it has it good and bad. What is important is how and what it is used for.


One thought on “Internet Evaluation

  1. This post reminds me of my professors each time we have a paper to write. Many professors do not want us to even use the internet. When we do use the internet for research we are told to check for copyrights and when the last time the site was edited. Look for the name of the person who made the site or the organization. Most of all use multiple sources. I think that these guidelines can be used for many different aspects of the internet and can maybe even help with you internet security so you are not downloading unknown viruses.

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