To be or Not to be…….

To be or Not to be….

Lately there has been some controversy over business owners screening prospective employees over Facebook. How ironic. These same employees who are screening their prospective employees are now banning the use of social networks in the workplace.

Many people are in agreement while some are of the strong that social sites contribute to how productive an employee becomes. I am of the opinion that it all depends on the nature of your job. For example as an FBI agent because of the way Facebook operates it may be asset because one is able to establish connections and links of individuals that are under investigation. However, for a profession such as teaching, is it really necessary in the workplace? Yes I know that can be debated.

Social sites can hinder productivity because employees may spend hours on these sites while they could be performing on the job duties. Others may use their judgment and visit the sites as a break to relax from the stress of the jobs. Some employees may also rebel because they believe that employers are restricting their freedom, and are not allowing the opportunity to use their judgment.

Are there any benefits for employers using social sites? Of course there is. Some companies use the sites to connect with customers, and advertise their new products.

How difficult or easy it is to stay off Facebook while at work?

How many of us with a Facebook go one day without visiting the site? The following site highlights 5 problems with social networking in the workplace. Do you agree?


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