I have been a victim..

Identity theft and credit card fraud are very serious issues that society is faced with. Credit card fraud can put you in immediate debt. Most times it is too late when one discovers that their credit card information has been stolen. Identity theft is also a serious crime, and can have lasting implication. People seldom ever completely recover from identity theft.

Is identity theft more serious than credit card fraud? I am of the strong opinion that it actually is. As I said before, credit card fraud puts one in immediate debt. I believe that one can recover from debt. However, as it relates to identity theft there are implications other than just debt.

Identity theft can include loss of individual identity, financial information, driver’s license, voter registration, passport and even social security number. Loss of these can cause emotional distress and anxiety. Also, someone who uses another’s identity may tarnish the reputation of the person’s identity that they stole. Re-establishing a legal identity can be difficult and long process.

I believe that identity theft and credit card fraud can both be avoided but not totally eradicated. I have attached a link from the Wall Street Journal which includes some tips on how to protect you from identity theft and credit card fraud.



One thought on “I have been a victim..

  1. Wendy,
    It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to protect one’s self from both credit card fraud and identity theft. Both are emerging issues that have been greatly affected by the internet. The internet gives criminals a greater access to information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and other personal information that consumers usually try to protect. It is vital that anybody that frequently uses the internet is aware of precautions they must take to prevent themselves from falling victim to identity theft and credit card fraud. Everyone must be aware of what information they are giving out, where they are posting/supplying it, and who can access that information. Great post!

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