Internet Phishing

When it comes to the internet there are so many things that we have to be careful about. Information that we put on the internet can have serious repercussion.  Very often we blindly click on links from our email, and think that it is so legitimate. Then we get “hooked” by phishers. E-mails are often used by phishers to get people’s information such as passwords, and credit card information.

Phishing emails can appear to be very legitimate. I remember getting a particular email that asked to reactivate my amazon account by entering my credit card information. However, I did not fall for it because I knew that my amazon account had not expired, and I recognized the URL was not it was

It is possible for anyone to fall into a phishing scam, as a result I feel inspired to educate others about it. There are several ways to spot phishing. I have attached a link which shows how to spot a phishing scam. So before you blindly click on that link in your email, click on this.


2 thoughts on “Internet Phishing

  1. I must say these criminals really go the extra mile in trying to rob people over the internet. Just before I wrote this response I was attacked by a phishing scam, again. Yes I say again because it is an ongoing thing that we all need to be careful about. I think that people should really look out for each other in order to protect larger numbers from these disgusting scams. I have to be on guard constantly.
    Just as parents would speak to their kids about the dangers of unprotected sex or drunk driving, they should also spend time warning their children about these dangerous phishing scams. We all know that children are big time targets of these online scams.
    The fundamental problem which we are all faced with is deciding what is legitimate from what is not within such a busy schedule.

  2. I’m glad we took that survey and had a chance to see what those emails are like. It is possible for anyone to fall in these traps, I’m glad that you posted a link about how to help. More people need to know about this type of scam and how bad it can affect someone. These are scammers who are taking our money and hacking into our systems and committing cyber crime. I look at email in a lot more detail now because I do not want to be a part of a “phis.” You bring up the term hooked as well. We do it once in an email and think its okay, so we continue to do it and get ourselves in more trouble.

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