Social Sites and campus

So it’s been a while since I have discussed the issue of social networks and the youth. What I decided to do this week was to just observe my surroundings particularly in class. I tried to pay special attention to people who were using the schools computers and their laptops. Not that I was prying into their business.

It was exactly what I expected. Almost 95% of the screens were facebook pages. You would think that the intensity at which they were staring at the screens would be to try to figure out some difficult assignment, but on the contrary of course it was only facebook.

I sat in the back of the classroom during a lecture, and three people sitting in the front row were busy typing on facebook and twitter.  I wonder if the lecturer actually thought the students were listening and taking notes.

It is amazing how much we have become so hooked on the social networks. Some students say they go on social sites during class to stay awake because the lecturers seldom engage the students. Some students say social sites are a form of relaxation.

Is it relaxing or distracting? Do the social sites affect how much we participate in class? Do they affect how we perform at school? Another question I have is: Should students and teachers be friends on facebook?


One thought on “Social Sites and campus

  1. I know exactly what you mean Wendy! On more than one occasion I have gone to the computer lab and cannot even get a computer to use because someone in on Facebook playing Farmville! I’ve heard so many people wanting to run home because they need to “harvest their crops”. I have often wondered if they were in a situation where they owned a real farm whether they would put so much effort into it! As a teaching assistant, I try to put myself in my teacher’s shoes and think of how I would feel if I was teaching a class and someone was “Facebooking” or on twitter. I think the big question is though: do we rather they use social media and technology or do we rather they fall asleep during class?? Either way whatever they don’t learn is their own problem right!!

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