Freedom of speech: Freedom of the internet?

There is a popular belief that net-neutrality encourages an anti-government mentality. Several tweets that I came across this week made reference to Mitt Romney’s rejection of net-neutrality. With the introduction of net-neutrality there is no control over what one puts on the internet. Many people use social networks as a medium to express themselves freely. Will there be any form of protectrion for the youth and the rest of society?

Network neutrality basically allows for free use of the internet. Without net- neutrality would there still be internet? How much control is too much or too little? Without net-neutrality the internet will become less entertaining for some people which could cause a fewer number of people to join the social networks. As a result owners of these networks would operate at a loss. This would result in these sites having to shut down.

When Elihu Katz came up with the Uses and Gratification Approach he indicated that people use the media to their benefit. One of the five basic assumptions is that, “in the mass communication process much initiative in linking need gratification and media choice lies with the audience member.” This assumption highlights the fact that individuals’ opinions are very powerful as compared to the media.  Many people use the internet to their benefit  more than the internet uses them.


One thought on “Freedom of speech: Freedom of the internet?

  1. Wendy, I thoroughly enjoyed learning and reading about net neutrality in last week’s class. In reading your blog, I was reminded again of just how important net neutrality is to almost everyone! Unfortunately in countries such as China, what exists is not really net neutrality.

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