Should Social Networks be censored: protect our youth!

Should Language be censored?  Do we believe that personal information should not be accessed by others? Social networking sites are frequently used as a medium for freedom of expression. Very often people use and abuse social networks to express their views. They sometimes go over the limit.

People malign others through social networks and are comfortable because they could falsify their identity. Young people frequent the social networks and as a result should be protected from abuse by censoring these networks.

Social networks can be accessed by many. As a result false rumors can spread quickly and have serious repercussions.  For example; there were recently tweets about gunmen attacking schools in Mexico which led to at least 26 car crashes. Countries such as India are now undergoing their social renaissance. After a court ruling, Google and Facebook were forced to remove information that was offensive to Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

The young people in our society should be protected from fear, panic, pornography, obscenity, and emotional stress. As a result social networking sites should be censored in order to prevent harm. Social networks should be proactive rather than reactive.


5 thoughts on “Should Social Networks be censored: protect our youth!

  1. Well, I agree with most of what you are saying Wendy. There are people who do go over the limit with what they say on social media sites.There are those who will put false information on the internet which will harm many people. And censorship is needed in most cases to help.
    But let’s be honest here: Kids are really smart when it comes to the internet. They will find loopholes around the censors and the blocks to get the information they want. Rumors will be spread through means other than social networking, so they will still get out.
    Is Censorship needed? Yes it most certainly is. Will it be effective? I’m not so sure…

  2. Wendy,
    I completely agree that social networking sites can be dangerous. One aspect of the issue you brought up that I feel is especially important is the issue of cyber bullying. Online bullying was not even possible until the advent of social networking sites. Now bullies have another medium they can use to access their victims. There have been countless reports of teens trying to hurt themselves or of them committing suicide after being bullied online. Cyber bullying is also harder to regulate because hurtful and negative comments can be deleted or denied. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and precautions and guidelines must be put in place. The safety of American teens depends on it.

  3. Wendy, censorship in most aspects are good when the censorship board respects the rights and freedom of speech of the people. But censorship of social media websites is another very sensitive area because it deals with a person in particular. I know friends who have been warned on Facebook by the administration for putting negative comments and destroying the image of another person. I think, in this aspect, it is beneficial to the online community on Facebook. In some cases, how do we uphold morality while defending the freedom of speech? I think this is possible when the impact of a thought is damaging leading to emotional abuse. Therefore, we have to weigh the damage caused by words over the freedom of expression of thought.

  4. Wendy, I particularly found your information on the car crashes related to tweets in Mexico interesting! It just goes to show the power of tweets! Also, yes the youth certainly should be protected for the ills of our social networks. However, full control of information on these sites is not always very feasible so parents and care-takers must play their role too!

  5. Social media is indeed powerful and can be such a useful tool if we only use it as is..I think sometimes we get to caught up in whats happening in virtual reality and not at the actual reality around us. Just like you said with the tweets and car crashes in mexico. Everyday they show the ads on not texting and driving yet people still go ahead and do it CONSTANTLY!!

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