Are social networks taking over the lives of the youth

Social networks continually evolve, and attract more young people around the globe. As these social networks evolve people continue to use them because they now have more to explore. These social networks become somewhat more addictive. The young people in particular begin to explore and experiment.

What used to be done by young people in the privacy of their rooms is now being done on social networks. For example; instead of posting pictures of their favorite actors or actress on the walls in their bedrooms they are now posting them on their facebook walls.

Many different identities can be created through the social networks. This can increase the likelihood of bullying, and also can cause one to engage in harmful contact.

There can also be advantages such as building a wide circle of friendship. For example I have a friend who met his wife through facebook.  Social networks also give the youth a greater avenue to express their views on current issues.

Social networks are now being viewed as the new “hangout spots”. The youth now hang out with each other through social network sites rather than chilling together at the mall. This can cause them to become more impersonal. However, are social networks totally taking over the lives of our young people?


2 thoughts on “Are social networks taking over the lives of the youth

  1. One must understand that privacy is gone if you are active in a social media network. It is sad but true, but we are a part of this “youth of society”. I do truly believe that the social media networks have caused us all who use to become less personal. I have noticed it in my group of friends. One night we were all eating and everyone at the table was on their phone checking their twitter. Instead of a real conversation, all that every takes place is them quoting other twitter accounts’ posts. For all that the social network brings in expanding horizons, it cuts away from real human interaction.

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