Social networks and the youth of society

It is so funny that Facebook and other social networks are called “social” networks because I think they cause young people to be less social. Young people in particular, become so engrossed when they visit the sites that they barley have time to look up for one second. How ironic; it’s called social network and the kids hardly have anytime to socialize or interact face to face with each other. Young people now have a hard time letting go of their phones.”Blackberry Messenger” and “Whatsapp” have now become the latest addiction.

Professors are frustrated because of the distraction that cell phones cause in the classroom. Some professors have banned the use of laptops in classrooms because the students pay more attention to “facebook” than their professors. Someone introduced me to this link and I think you should take a look at it to see the extent of addition to social media Some young people even claim that “they can’t live without it”. How do we solve this problem? Or should I say, “Can this problem be solved?”  Is it the responsibility of parents or the responsibility of the people who introduced the social networks to control how the youth use these social networks?

Stay tuned for information next week on “Social Networks and the Affects on Youth in Society”……


2 thoughts on “Social networks and the youth of society

  1. Wendy,
    I definitely agree that Facebook and other forms of social media are affecting youth and their ability to interact one-on-one. Facebook allows people to interact via cyberspace where comments can be misunderstood and people are much more open about their thoughts and beliefs. These issues can present major communication barriers; people who frequently communicate via social media are unsure of how to interpret body language and other nonverbal communication skills when in direct contact with other people. The “lingo” used on these internet forums also presents an issue. In many areas of life it is highly inappropriate to use slang commonly used on social network sites, but because people frequently use it, they believe it to be common and acceptable language. Social networks are definitely creating a communication problem because communicating via the internet can be completely different from communicating face to face with another individual.

  2. I certainly agree with your views on how the social media have affected the youth of this present generation. When I was a kid, we did not have the privilege of sitting down in our rooms and Facebook all day. We preferred going out to play (Socialize).
    Obviously, the internet and its social media is one of the causes of obesity suffered by young children. Many kids are so lazy to go out and play with their peers because they are so busy with Facebook and MySpace. For instance, a couple of days ago, I visited a friend of mine and he complained of how his son never leaves his room all day because he was busy chatting with his friends on Facebook.

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